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Get smarter, immediately

We’ve been doing this 10 years. You won’t find this anywhere else.

Real Applications

Made public from some states and other sources. A must have.

Not Samples

Grades for 103 applications, and the applications. See who won, placed and showed, and why.

The whole enchilada

A bank of cannabis applications from the warriors before you.

You hired passionate people

Give them the tools they need to make your business the best.

Share your skills

Experts can now share their expertise with students for a fee.

Mentor a person

Or mentor a business, opportunity knocks, and is looking for experts.

Launch a career

The cannabis industry is seeking qualified employees.
Now is the time to get experience in a fast growing industry.

Launch a business

Give your employees the tools they need to do well,
and watch the effects on your business.

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