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Mentoring and Training

Find a mentor or offer mentoring services. Pre-employment and continuing education.

The best

Perfect the art of the harvest and produce the finest cannabis each cycle.

UniCann Horticulture

A major portion of our video classes are horticulture related.

Train Your Crew

The best crews have the best training. Take your staff to school today.

You hired passionate people

Give them the tools they need to make your business the best.

Share your skills

Experts can now share their expertise with students for a fee.

Mentor a person

Or mentor a business, opportunity knocks, and is looking for experts.


Mentor a student, become a mentor

Get listed in the mentor directory

Write your own ticket, hours & rate

Video Training

3 new classes every month

Fast forward your cannabis career

with classes from UniCann.com

Select a Mentor or Student plan

Start learning today

Launch a career

The cannabis industry is seeking qualified employees. Now is the time to get experience in a fast growing industry.

Launch a business

Give your employees the tools they need to do well, and watch the effects on your business.

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